BSD UNIX toolbox

BSD UNIX toolbox : 1000+ commands for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD power users / Christopher Negus and Fran├žois Caen

Good, a book on BSD. I have been waiting for this, because most books of this type feature Linux, and BSD deserves more attention. This book is slim at 300 pages, and will be useful for beginner and intermediate admins. Much of the content also applies to Linux and Unix.

Fedora 9

Fedora 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux bible / Christopher Negus, Wiley, 2008

Here are 1000 pages for the Fedora admin. It will be useful at the beginner and intermediate level. Most of it applies to any current Linux distro. It includes a live CD and an installation DVD.

Professional Apache Tomcat 6

book coverProfessional Apache Tomcat 6 / Vivek Chopra, Sing Li, Jeff Genender. Wiley 2007 ISBN: 9780471753612

This is the quickest way for a systems admin to understand Tomcat. There is a lot to learn, and you need to know it all.

This book is not for the Java J2EE programmers who develop the servlets and web applications. Neither is it for a Tomcat developer.