Holub on patterns

Holub on patterns : learning design patterns by looking at code / Allen Holub. Apress, 2004

An opinionated look at design patterns. If you are using a language not known for rapid development then you want to choose the right patterns in advance so you won’t be refactoring too much. This book discusses which patterns are most useful, with examples in Java. Not recently written, but worth reading.

Programming interviews exposed

Programming interviews exposed : secrets to landing your next job / John Mongan, Noah Suojanen, Eric Giguère. Wiley Pub., 2007

If you work in technology, whether programming or similar, you probably need to look for new work now and then. This book is the best I have seen for advice on how to interview, negotiate pay, and prepare your resume. Useful to hiring managers too.

There is another way to approach this book.  More than half of the book is programming algorithms that you would learn in undergrad CS, and you can read it to refresh your knowledge.

Security data visualization

book coverSecurity data visualization : graphical techniques for network analysis / Greg Conti, No Starch Press, 2007

How do you analyze the logs from your firewalls, IDS’s, and web servers? They are large, and many people don’t have time to even peek at them. This book discusses ways to use graphical tools to display patterns gleaned from the logs so you can visualize the problem. Several open source projects are discussed.

Access denied

Access denied : the practice and policy of global Internet filtering / edited by Ronald Deibert, MIT Press, 2008

This is an important book about freedom of internet access worldwide. The authors are academic leading lights. It reports a detailed survey of counties around the world: what do they attempt to control, how do they do it, and how effective are they. Further, when Google, Yahoo and other companies do business in controlled countries, how should they handle this issue.

Programming Microsoft Composite UI

book coverProgramming Microsoft Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory / David S. Platt.  Microsoft Press, 2008

For programmers of rich client apps using Microsoft’s CAB and SCSF and WPF frameworks. Concepts are explained. There are some code examples, but no ‘Hello World’. It reminds me of Eclipse RCP without the portability or clarity.