The definitive guide to SWT and JFace

book cover
The definitive guide to SWT and JFace / Rob Warner with Robert Harris. Apress Springer Verlag, c2004.

Here is a good introduction to Eclipse GUI programming. Though somewhat dated, it is still worth reading. It will help if you are doing a Rich Client (RCP) or extending Eclipse with a new plugin. SWT is way better than Swing, but there seem to be fewer books on it. There is a lot to learn, and too many sources on the net, so use this book to get started.

Eclipse : building commercial-quality plug-ins

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Eclipse : building commercial-quality plug-ins / Eric Clayberg, Dan Rubel ; Addison-Wesley, c2004.

If you are extending Eclipse or designing a Rich Client (RCP) then this book will be useful. Also if you are planning a Java project, and want to see a project architecture.

It is dated now (2008), but the main concepts have not changed.

Joomla! : a user’s guide

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Joomla! : a user’s guide : building a successful Joomla! powered Website / Barrie M. North. Prentice Hall, 2008

Joomla is CMS (Content Management System) . A CMS is used to build and organize a web site. It stores all content in a database, and presents it in web pages that have a consistent format (cf WordPress, which this site uses). It can be used to power a blog, forum, or eCommerce site. Joomla was previously called Mambo.

This book is for the web designer, and assumes no knowledge of PHP or CSS. It is an easily read book, and will teach you how to use all the features of Joomla.

Linux TCP/IP networking for embedded systems

book coverLinux TCP/IP networking for embedded systems / Thomas F. Herbert. Charles River Media, 2007

Find out how the TCP/IP stack is implemented in Linux. This book is for the kernel hacker, not the applications programmer. Not an easy read, but much easier than learning from reading the networking code.  The title is misleading, because you don’t need to be working on embedded systems to make good use of the book.

C++ coding standards

book coverC++ coding standards : 101 rules, guidelines, and best practices / Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu. Addison-Wesley, 2005

Such a simple yet invaluable book to anyone coding in C++, because code readability is so important. Lend it to co-workers and hope they read it.

The recommended standards are practical, and after you have read this book you will see them as common-sense. Each is supported by references to well known authorities.

Security Engineering

book coverSecurity engineering : a guide to building dependable distributed systems / Ross J. Anderson. Wiley 2008, hard cover

1000 very readable pages of straight talk on security.  This affects almost everyone.  The first edition was published in 2001, and the book appears to have been rewritten.  I wish there was a new edition yearly.

According to B. Schneier, “It’s beautiful. This is the best book on the topic there is”.