Professional rootkits

book coverProfessional rootkits / Ric Vieler. Wiley, 2007.

A programmer’s book on writing root kits for Windows. Here are lots of details on how to hack someone’s machine, though minimal discussion of virtualization. Written by an ‘Ethical Hacker’, this book will be useful to security pro’s who need to harden systems, or reverse engineer malware. Unfortunately, it might be quite useful to blackhats.

Visual C++ 2008

book coverVisual C++ 2008 : how to program / P.J. Deitel, H.M. Deitel, D.T. Quirk. Prentice Hall : 2008.

Almost 1500 pages! A cover sure to wake you if you nod off! I have dipped into this book, and wish I had time to read it all.  It is slightly biased towards Microsoft’s tools, but all c++ programmers will find it valuable.

Programming collective intelligence

book coverProgramming collective intelligence : building smart Web 2.0 applications / Toby Segaran, O’Reilly, c2007.

Most programmers will find this book fascinating. What algorithm does Amazon use to predict what books are likely to interest you? Netflix with DVD’s? Google with search results? Example algorithms are in Python. With a foreword from Tim O’Reilly and a recommendation from Dan Russell, Google’s ‘Uber Tech Lead’.

Dispatches from Blogistan

book coverDispatches from Blogistan : a travel guide for the modern blogger / Suzanne Stefanac. New Riders, c2007

Here is a quirky little book about blogging that starts with a history of journalism going back to 2600 BCE, follows with some fluffy pieces by leading bloggers, then goes on to the practical issues of setting up a blog site. Relax with this book, it’s a good diversion.